Viewers celebrate Expedition Robinson’s final exit

Viewers celebrate Expedition Robinson’s final exit

Comes and goes on Waste Island. Eva Simons was allowed to return to the game, while Irene was allowed to leave for Waste Island after a dramatic island council. But it may be a short stay, because she will be immediately put on probation. The time has come for a duel, the loser of which must leave the game permanently. Because Irene arrived last, she has to duel anyway. But she can also choose who she will duel with. Well, if you had to choose between hyperactive Mark and Iris, who is constantly in cold mode, you can guess how that would end. Iris can go to work.

It takes a long time

The game they have to play involves untying a rope wrapped around a tree trunk and tied to their waist in order to reach the mission statue. The first one to succeed must stay. Both ladies take their time in the game, but Erin seems to be more active (shocking!). The viewer also notices that the game, which is very boring to watch, takes a very long time. But in the end, favorite Erin wins.


Many viewers cringe at Iris’s somewhat strange farewell speech. “I’m disappointed that I had to lose the test like this. But I fought, even on this wasteland. And then it had to be this way.” Harriet writes via X: “I fought, Iris said! Did I miss this?” Another person notes: “You competed in this test…at 0.5 speed or what?” It is clear that many viewers did not feel sad about the departure of Iris, who was described as lazy.

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