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A USB-C-equipped iPhone X was sold by Ken Bellonel, a robotics master student, on eBay for $86,001. The caller states that the buyer will receive a prototype that should not be used as an everyday phone and may not be unlocked.

In October, Bellonil published Video on YouTube An iPhone X that is equipped with a USB-C port. At the beginning of this month, share it More documents About the project and conclude that the student reverse engineered how to operate a Lightning-to-USB connection. He made his own PCB with components, and placed them between the battery and the device’s Taptic motor.

pole Guarantees That the black iPhone X, which has been dubbed “the world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port”, will work when you receive it. However, if the mentioned instructions are not followed, the buyer assumes full responsibility. These instructions mean that your modified iPhone X will not do this renovate Or it may be updated. Billonel also said, that the content may not be erased, the phone may not be unlocked and the device may not be used as an everyday phone.

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