United States Navy meteorologists find lost wallet in Antarctica 53 years ago

PR CIREBON – A meteorologist in the United States Navy (US) is very surprised after finding a lost wallet in Antarctica 53 years ago.

Paul Grisham, the owner of the wallet discovered by a meteorologist in the United States Navy, does not remember losing it.

According to Paul Grisham, suddenly a foreigner (a meteorologist in the United States Navy) kindly contacted and announced that he had found his lost wallet 53 years ago.

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Reported Chirpan.bigran-rokyat.com From Al Arabia, the founder of the wallet said he would return Paul’s wallet by mail.

The lucky discovery came in 2014 when Grisham destroyed a scientific base on Rose Island in 2014, where he had been stationed as a weather forecaster from October 1967 to November 1968.

Seaman’s wallet is hidden behind a locker, along with a Navy ID, driver ‘s license, a reference card for what to do in the event of a biological or chemical weapons attack, and a beer ration card.

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Paul was very interested in seeing the efforts made by the inventor of his wallet so that the wallet could be returned to its owner.

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