It is believed that Trump is not guilty of the second charge

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump will not be convicted in a second indictment in the US Senate on February 9. After that, however, controversies within the direction of party policy will arise within the Republican Party.

This was stated by Professor James Durber, Founder of the American University Congress and the Center for Presidential Studies Toss.

“I don’t think he was guilty at the Senate indictment,” the professor said on the website Toss Sunday 7 February 2021.

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When asked if the test would affect the future of the Republic, especially with regard to Trump’s revenues in 2024, Durber said the answer to that question was “very complicated.”

“He (Trump) and his supporters have divided the Republican Party.

“There will be controversy in the direction of Republican policy. The outcome of the controversy is not yet known. But polarization and populism will continue in the future,” he continued.

On January 13, the democratically controlled US House of Representatives submitted Trump’s indictment to the Senate. Documents allege that Trump “provoked the riots” in connection with the January 6 riots at the Capitol building.

The article noted that Trump had “proved that he would be a threat to national security, democracy and the constitution if he stepped down.”

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The U.S. House of Representatives blamed Trump in 2019, but failed at the Senate level. It is believed that Trump will get back on track and the Senate is not guilty.

Trump’s escape can already be seen as dozens of Republican senators try to block the indictment. Despite the failure of those efforts, the number of senators trying to follow suit is an indication that Trump does not see much support for the charge.

To prove Trump guilty in the Senate, Democrats need at least 17 supports from Republican senators. Many Republican senators consider this second charge unconstitutional because Trump is no longer president.


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