Ziggy Krasenberg on international projects: 'America embraced me'

Ziggy Krasenberg on international projects: 'America embraced me'

“America has really embraced me,” Ziggy enthuses. “Yeah, really cool. I've already been offered several recording deals.”

According to Ziggy, America is a little more used to it. “Especially when you're talking about extroverts like me,” he explains. The reactions were heartwarming, even from unexpected quarters. “I got a response from a lot of celebrities like the girls from K3. I didn't expect that.”

When Ziggy talks about her current daily routine, it turns out that she is currently living a double life. He doesn't get up until 11am or later and then spends five to six hours with his Dutch fans. “Calling, doing business online, broadcasting live to the Netherlands,” he explains.

After dinner, Ziggy goes to bed and wakes up a few hours later, ready to work for his American fans. “So my business is calling there, live streaming and my social posts are algorithm there. So I'm living a crazy double life right now. It's crazy.”

RTL Boulevard previously spoke to a very happy Ziggy about her successful audition American idol And what he wants to achieve:

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