Fernandez won in the United States after a costly mistake by World Cup captain Gardner

Fernandez won in the United States after a costly mistake by World Cup captain Gardner

Raul Fernandez has taken the lead in previous races from the start. The Spaniard split when a fierce battle ensued behind him for second place. In that fight World Cup president Remy Gardner had to compete against two men who did not take part in the championship: Fabio de Giannontonio and home driver Cameron Pueblo. Gardner needed several rounds to get out of the crowd and start chasing his teammate.

Fernandez was in the lead for more than a second and Gardner went slightly wider on turn 15. He lost control of the front of the machine and slipped off the track. That put Fernandes in an excellent position to do a good job in the championship. The Spaniard seemed to give up for a while, but then recovered and did not let the victory slip through his fingers. KTM Ajo got his seventh win of the driver’s season and finished fellow champions Gardner with nine points with three races.

Fabio di Giannantonio placed an exclamation mark with a platform in the United States. He had a tough season after signing the MotoGP deal, but regained his form with second place in Kota. He finished more than two seconds ahead of Fernandez, while Marco Pesci could not stand in third place. Augusto Fernandez finished fourth, while Pupier had to finish fifth in his own race. Tony Arpolino finished sixth behind I Okura and Xavi Virge. Marcos Ramirez and Jack Dixon took the top ten spots.

Poe had a tough weekend for Bendsneider, but often put it right in the race. The Dutchman rode from 27th starting position to a respectable 14th. After the race, Bendsneider was reduced to fifteenth, crossing the track in the last lap. Nonetheless, he scored another point impressively. Fellow player Thomas Lodhi did not finish after the crash. Both NDS RW Racing drivers, Barry Baltas and Hafiz Siahrin did not score.

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United States Moto 2 Grand Prix results

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