Joe Biden, the oldest president in the United States, and his current state of health are here

February 7, 2021 – 13:02 WIB

Joe Biden (left) was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday (20/1/2021) in Washington, DC. Photo: Andara / REUTERS / Kevin Lamarck / Rua., WASHINGTON, D.C .: President Joe Biden, who broke his right leg while playing with one of his dogs in November, is returning to his regular sports routine after recovering from injury.

“The president received regular X-rays today. Two minor fractures in his leg have completely healed,” Pitton’s personal physician, Kevin O’Connor, said Saturday (7/2).

Python’s fracture was said to be relatively mild based on previous reports from his doctor.

The previous day, Biden had visited a Delaware orthopedist for a 10-week post-injury examination.

Biden was injured in 2018 along with the Major, one of the first two dogs in the adopted family. They also have another dog shampoo that was reunited with the family after the 2008 election.

As the oldest U.S. president to ever serve, Biden’s health is closely watched by allies and opponents. (Ant / Dil / JPN)

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