Secret government documents were allegedly leaked by an army base employee

Secret government documents were allegedly leaked by an army base employee

The first documents were shared late last year in a chat group on the Discord messaging service. A twenty-something who headed the group and called himself OG shared it there. OG said he brought documents from his work at the base.

True identity

The Washington Post spoke with sources who know more about the leaked documents. American newspaper Depends on the conversations With two chat group members claiming to know OG’s true identity. The newspaper read messages from the chat group and analyzed about 300 photographs of classified documents, most of which have never been published elsewhere.

The Washington Post also claims to have a voice recording, photos and video from OG.


Initially, OG shared the documents verbatim. He also commented on the documents, which included explanations of the intelligence’s rhetoric.

Other members of the group did not read the long messages, and it took OG a long time to type the pieces. As a result, he later switched to photographs of secret pieces.

The two crew members the newspaper spoke to were identified in some photos in the background of the room, in which OG also recorded video messages for them.

On invitation

According to the newspaper, the chat group has been around since 2020 and is accessible by invitation only. There were twenty people in the group, mostly boys and young men. They shared a fascination with “weapons, military equipment and God”.

OG has released a handful of papers per week since late last year. These pieces were eventually shared on other social media as well.

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The US Department of Defense is investigating the authenticity of these documents. In addition, an assessment is made of the risks the spill poses to the security of the United States and other countries.

The Department of Justice has initiated a criminal investigation into the leak.

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