Ukraine Lesson: Only the United States and the United Kingdom should be trusted

Ukraine Lesson: Only the United States and the United Kingdom should be trusted

The Russian invasion of Ukraine reveals how much the fate of democracy rests in the hands of the United States and the United Kingdom. The two countries have been training and arming the Ukrainian military since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. With that knowledge, he writes that the Netherlands should strengthen relations with both and stay away from rumors of a German-French EU military. Zelde Weirsma

Do we remember that in 2016 a majority of British and Northern Irish voters voted in favor of Brexit? Suddenly it was about ‘those Britain’s. As if to remove something dirty. When you talk about ‘American conditions’ you are referring negatively. As if America is a ghost. But the British and Americans are proving that democracy, the rule of law and freedom are always important for survival.

Only the United States, the United Kingdom, and many English-speaking countries are serious democracies in defending Western values. This is also evident in Ukraine these days. The United States and the United Kingdom helped defend Ukraine when Germany and France chatted and talked with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin about an EU military.

The Ukrainians increased by training for the United States and the United Kingdom

Since Putin’s annexation of Crimea (2014) by Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom have not only imposed severe sanctions, but also called for a halt, saying it was far from over. The Ukrainian army, completely depressed in 2014, was taken by the hand, tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers were trained, officers were trained and the Ukrainian command system was modernized so that the armed forces would be at NATO level by 2020.

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As a result, depressed Ukrainians regained their composure. In addition, a new strategy was developed. Ukraine has been experiencing fighting since 2014, lacking enough manpower and gunpowder to resist the Russian invasion. Both the Russian and Ukrainian armies used the same principles of direct confrontation with the Soviet Union, and then the number of victors: Russia. In short, the new strategy meant that Ukrainian soldiers with small groups and high-quality American and British weapons set out to take out Russian tank units, planes and helicopters.

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