Rufus Winewright handles America's hatred of going to a city

Rufus Winewright handles America’s hatred of going to a city

In 2019, Leo Bloguis met musician Rufus Vinewright and talked about his hit song Going to a Down. Winewright remembers well where he wrote the song. During the US occupation of Iraq, the musician emigrated to Berlin. He wanted to be in a place where he had already experienced complete destruction. She settled with her current husband, Jrn Weissfrode, and wrote of moving to a city in the German capital. “I wanted to go to Berlin to hip something like David Bowie’s Underground or what Lou Reid did,” he says. But it turned out to be completely different. His biggest inspiration was the Italian pop star Mina. “I wanted to create a kind of Italian melodrama.” The album’s first single, Going to a Down, was born Release the stars

‘I’m so tired of America’

At the time, Rufus wrote the song as a protest against George W. Bush, claiming that he had done a lot of damage to the United States. It reflects on the most important line: “I’m so tired of you America.” But Trump’s problems have only gotten worse over the past four years, and Vinewright believes: “He’s deliberately provoking trouble. He’s just crazy and drags everyone around with him. ” When he was president, the singer studied somewhere, and if a madman comes to power, he always stands last. “A madman always knows how to fool you. No one can bear the madness. Trump is so mad, he wants to stand last. So be careful.” It remains to be seen whether Trump will last until the last, as new elections are taking place.

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What is the reason for this hatred of America? See the full chapter below:

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