Pirelli tast in het duister: “Veel vraagtekens door nieuw asfalt in Austin”

Byrelli staggers into the dark: “Many question marks due to new asphalt in Austin”

Byrelli’s Mario Isola points out that changing the tarmac around the United States is a big unknown. The Italian tire supplier will carry the C2, C3 and C4 tires on track in Austin. Since the circuit has been partially updated, it cannot be said to be the right choice.

Isola explains: “About forty percent of the circuit has re-emerged. Due to restrictions around Govt-19, we have not had the opportunity to send our staff there and analyze the new asphalt. So what the properties are is a question for everyone.” : “We can’t enjoy the performance of tires and cars until we get there.”


The round in the United States was skipped in 2020 due to an epidemic. These measures are now relaxed in the United States, so betting may still take place. It was previously reported that there were several bumps in the orbit. MotoGP also complained about this. Various emergency repairs have been carried out and new layers of asphalt have been laid in some parts of the track. You can see what this means for tires and lap times during the first free training session.

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