The Great Escape offers a definite improvement over Ilse DeLange

The Great Escape offers a definite improvement over Ilse DeLange

Although Ilse Delange’s first album was released in 1998, the public only came to know about him through his album. The Great EscapeIn his previous music he will slowly exchange the influences of the country you are listening to to more pop sounds. “The Great Escape sounds completely different. It also changed the way I play live,” explains Ilse Dilanch. Parole In 2019. “I finally got radio hits, so I sang along, and it felt good, especially at festivals.”

Travel to America

Ills crosses the sea and travels to the United States for a while for inspiration. She feels at home there now because in 1998 she also went to the US to record an album World of InjuryHe recorded the album titled The Great Escape with producer Patrick Leonard, who worked with Madonna. Ilse calls this a unique mix: his American country and Patrick LA sound.

New musical influences

That Ilse album The Great Escape That it is nothing. He wants to show that he is open to new musical influences. This way she learns that she can grow well. His single “The Great Escape” was a huge success and reached number eleven in The Top 40. The album of the same name confirms Ilse DeLange’s steady progress.

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