Twenty cheese farmers do it in the United States

Twenty cheese farmers do it in the United States

Marie Benderman actually wanted to become a veterinarian, but now runs a cheese factory in the United States. She set up the company automatically. Her husband takes care of the dairy cows.

Mariek Benderman-der Gierce was born in Versailles, Twente, where he grew up on his parents’ dairy. She now lives in one with her husband and five children Dairy American Thorpe. Benderman missed the cheese from the Netherlands, so she started making it herself. With great success, because he has won many prizes.

Initially it was thought that Benderman would make a little cheese. But now she, along with her staff, produces thousands of dumplings a year. She does it Cheese factory It is built opposite the standard.

Led by women

Surprisingly the company is mostly run by women. A woman is responsible for almost all parts of her company. Benderman has chosen this emotionally. “But don’t worry, we don’t discriminate against men,” she says.

Benderman sells his cheese under the name ‘Marik Kouda’. All of her cheeses are labeled with her photo and name. In this way, the cheese farmer tells his story to the consumer and she knows how to distinguish herself from other cheese producers.

Cheesecakes are sold in supermarkets, restaurants and specialty stores. Benderman also offers wholesalers. The cheese is for sale in his yard. Visitors can taste it at his restaurant on the farm. A chef prepares a wide variety of breakfast and lunch dishes here.

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