The Newsday |  Will Erdogan allow itself to be bought by the F16s?

The Newsday | Will Erdogan allow itself to be bought by the F16s?

InternationalJune 28 ’22 6:44 PMAuthorBNR web editors

The NATO summit is about to begin and access to Sweden and Finland is the big point of the debate. Turkey is currently blocking it, but there seems to be some movement on the side of Turkish leader Erdogan.

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Erdogan has many requests, some of which seem to have been granted. It seems that the United States can also play a role in this controversy. Turkey needs F16 aircraft from the United States.

‘This is dealing. Erdogan wants something from Sweden and Finland, that is, to expel the terrorists, and according to him, those two countries will not. He likes the statement that those countries then share Turkey’s views. You are already one step closer. At the same time, Turkey begins negotiating US warplanes. My point is that if Biden thinks it’s right, he will say that Turkey should stop talking about Sweden and Finland. I think it will happen, ‘says foreign commentator Bernard Hummelberg in the podcast’ The Newsstock ‘.


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Mark Beguis and Dalita Musse
Mark Beguis and Dalita Musse PNR
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