With US$750 million, the US wants to reduce the cost of ‘clean’ hydrogen

With US$750 million, the US wants to reduce the cost of ‘clean’ hydrogen

Money for green hydrogen comes from the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, in which President Joe Biden released $1.5 billion to make green hydrogen affordable.

“This funding is a key part of the government’s comprehensive approach to accelerating the widespread use of clean hydrogen and will play a key role in achieving commercial-scale hydrogen introduction this decade,” the U.S. Department of Energy said in a statement. (DO).

Climate goals

The Biden administration has ambitious goals. It wants to generate entirely green electricity by 2035 and be net zero by 2050. Funds available for green hydrogen should be spent mainly on increasing efficiency. The Ministry of Energy notes that reuse and recycling of green hydrogen is being considered.

“Making clean hydrogen from abundant renewable energy provides the United States with another incredibly powerful fuel for a variety of applications, from low-emission use in construction and manufacturing industries to energy storage to powering our cars and trucks,” said the U.S. Secretary of State. , Jennifer Granholm, know.

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