Collaboration Albert Hein Foundation and Solidarity

Collaboration Albert Hein Foundation and Solidarity

The Albert Heijn Foundation (AH Foundation) and Solidaridad are going to work together. The AH Foundation is a foundation to which Albert Hein, together with its regular fruit and vegetable suppliers in Africa and South America, contributes through projects to improve the living conditions of their employees and local communities. Solidaridad AH supports the implementation of the Foundation’s projects. Both parties signed a cooperation agreement today.

Marit van Egmond and Heske Verburg

The AH Foundation, established in 2007, contributes to projects in housing, education, health and personal development for the employees of Albert Heijn’s African and South American fruit and vegetable suppliers and local communities. The AH Foundation lives up to Albert Haig’s mission of ‘Making better food available together. For everyone.’ Contributes to a healthy, social and sustainable society. In 2022, AH Foundation worked with 36 suppliers operating in 13 countries, nine of which are in Africa and four in South America.

The character is Solidarity
Solidarity supports the AH Foundation’s projects to further improve the living conditions of employees, while at the same time making improvements aimed at an environment that has a positive impact on employees’ daily lives. Starting April 1, Solidaridad will be a partner of the AH Foundation, and the organization will support suppliers in their project proposals, decision-making process and monitoring of funds available through the AH Foundation.

Marit van Egmond, CEO Albert Heijn and President of the AH Foundation: “I look forward to working with Solidaridad, which supports the AH Foundation in the projects of our regular fruit and vegetable suppliers in Africa and South America. The partnership with these new suppliers is important to allow our customers to enjoy the best tropical products every day. Also, I am proud of the impact we have made as AH Foundation and the difference we are making in local projects such as building houses, improving and funding schools, health and personal development.”

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Heske Werburg, Director of Solidaridad: “We are delighted with this collaboration with the AH Foundation. It is important for supermarkets to contribute to improving the living and working conditions of their suppliers. Together with suppliers in Africa and South America, we want to create a change for the farmers and workers who produce fruit and vegetables for Albert Heijin. cause.”

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