Conservative America does not talk about survival crime

Conservative America does not talk about survival crime

Liberal America usually uses the law in criminal discussions Survival crime: Survival crime. The idea that guilt can arise from deep poverty. You need to take this into account in your judgment of guilt and guilt. If you don’t, the reason is that you are blaming poverty.

This is a law that works like a red cloth for a bull in conservative America. Is survival a crime? Liberals are accused of denying guilt. They introduce a parallel legal system. You have ordinary rules and ordinary punishments for ordinary people and a very light system for the poor. Of course, lawyers will try to push their clients into that parallel system. By recommending where there is no poverty or by increasing poverty.

Survival crime hurts the poor: just as poor people do not have the moral strength to live a good life.

What does this discussion show?

A. Anyone who comes up with a frame, realizing that some frames work like a red cloth on a bull, greatly polarizes a discussion.

Two. Every reasonable person realizes that there are grains of truth in both perspectives, but a frame at the pole motivates us to make a choice as there is no middle way.

Three. The truth is in the middle here – it is on the one hand, on the other. But the tragedy of the truths in the middle is that they often give themselves too hard to the well-known frames.

With a brilliant period you can not only describe reality, but also create it. Hans de Bruyne is a public administration expert and debating expert. He analyzes the guiding language of policymakers each week.

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