Trucks loaded with aid for Gaza wait in Egypt

Trucks loaded with aid for Gaza wait in Egypt

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In an interim ruling issued today, the International Court of Justice urgently called for, among other things, the entry of sufficient humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. Food supplies are not the problem: hundreds of trucks are waiting at the Egyptian border in Rafah to be able to cross the border.

Reporter Daisy Moore visited the Cairo Food Bank where thousands of volunteers are trying to deliver food parcels to Gaza:

Cairo Food Bank continues to send aid, but when will it reach Gaza?

Sometimes one truck is allowed to cross the border. But relief organizations consider this a drop in the ocean. “The shortages on the other side of the border are enormous,” said Abeer Oteifa of the United Nations World Food Programme.

It's also difficult to work, she explains. “Fuel shortages, the collapse of communications networks. On top of that, we don’t have permission to move around different parts of Gaza and go to areas where people are living in famine-like conditions. We need more access very quickly and we need to be able to use the port and the road through Jordan.” “.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said in response to the interim ruling that Israel would continue to facilitate humanitarian aid. It remains unclear whether this means more aid will now be allowed to cross the border.

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