With Toy Story 4, Disney and Pixar once again deliver a financially successful film. During its opening weekend, the film generated revenues of $238 million (about 210 million euros). With this amount, the film immediately enters the top fifty films with a successful debut.

In the United States, the latest film from the Toy Story series collected about 103 million euros. This makes Toy Story 4 the third Disney film this year to earn more than €100 million during its opening weekend. Previously, Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame opened with revenues of more than €100 million.

Despite the successful opening, sales were a bit disappointing to analysts. They estimated the opening at €120 million for its opening weekend. Variety reported that Disney is not worried, as the film remains the fourth highest-grossing animated film during its first three days. Toy Story 4 will only have to endure titles like Incredibles 2, Finding Dory, and Shrek 3.

It can be seen in the Netherlands on Wednesday

The film has not yet premiered in large parts of Europe, such as France, England and the Netherlands. Toy Story 4 will be shown in Dutch cinemas from Wednesday. The first three parts, in which cowboy Woody and astronaut Buzz Lightyear go on different adventures, were huge hits and grossed $2 billion worldwide. This makes it the fifth most successful animated series in history.