Ariana Grande may have to cancel concerts

Ariana Grande may have to cancel concerts

Ariana Grande suffers from sinusitis. She informed her fans via her Instagram account on Saturday evening that it was not certain whether it would be possible to go ahead with her concerts or not.

In the messages, Grande wrote that she is doing everything she can to get better before the planned shows, but wants to warn her fans in case she doesn't feel better quickly enough. “I've been sick since the last show in London,” the singer wrote. “I don’t know how this is possible, but my throat and head hurt a lot and I feel difficult to breathe during the show.”

Concerts in Europe and North America

Grande has been working on it since March Desalination World Tour, a series of concerts in Europe and North America. In August she performed at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. A concert is scheduled for Sunday evening in Lexington, United States, while the 26-year-old singer will perform on Tuesday in Atlanta.

Grande announced on Sunday morning that she was still ill. “I still can't swallow or lift my head. I'll go to the doctor again and I'll let you know if the symptom can continue. I'm so sorry. I think the illness has gotten the better of me.”

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