Albert: “People expect a lot of love these days.”

Albert: “People expect a lot of love these days.”

“If you’ve been together for 32 years, you’ve seen all the ugly things in each other. However, for me, Kobe is still the most beautiful. She has the same sparkle in her eyes as she had when she was 28. Her blonde hair is greying, my curls are gone.” Black and our belts rose to the top three slots.

However, we are still the same as we were when we first wandered into the forest. I didn’t dare kiss her until our fifth date. “Hey, finally,” she said, and that made me laugh so hard. “Obviously we were very careful.”

“My colleagues at the time made fun of me because I sent a letter to the newspaper. But I thought: I just want a girlfriend. I wasn’t the type to go out at the time and I wanted to find someone with a serious relationship too.” Intentions. I used to have a friend who it was fun with, but this girl also wanted to give skating lessons in Austria and go away for five days during the carnival. “That’s fine, but not for me.”

A wonderful petit bourgeois existence

“I wanted us to build together. A house in the shape of a tree and an animal and spend three weeks on the beach in the summer. No fuss, just fun. Kobe and I enjoy a wonderful petit bourgeois existence. We have lived in the same house for 28 years, our children were born and raised here, and we share the same Group of friends.

We go out to eat once a month, but other than that, nothing crazy. Together on the sofa, with a pot of tea and a beer at the weekend, that’s all we really need.”

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“Then we watch Farmer Wants a Woman, B&B Full of Love and later MAFS again. Great. But you know what blows my mind? People expect a lot of love these days, especially from their partner. A man has to be strong, take charge, be funny Spontaneous, but also supportive and able to speak well.

Above all, a woman should have a life of her own, many friends and a job. I see that in my kids too. They want to keep everything independent and break off every relationship because they miss connection. Do you think he’s crazy? If you guard your private garden like this, no one will come through the gate.”

Talk about it

“One wrong comment and they call it a red flag. You guys do your best for each other. And if it’s a bumblebee, talk about it. It’s that simple. Me and Kobe aren’t going to sleep until we’re done with it. I talked about everything.” I learned this from my father: “If you go to sleep sad, you wake up feeling bad,” he always said.

but why? You love each other, don’t you? I don’t want Kobe to talk about anything without me knowing. Or she feels bad or angry. Just throw it out there and I’ll do the same. “Nine times out of ten, it turns out to be a lot less bad than it feels in your head.”

“But you have to want to hear it, and I have to say that Kobe really taught me that. I was more stubborn when we first met. And I know now that she’s usually right. And I admit it.” “She yelled when we had a difference of opinion. I didn’t understand it from home, but she was able to teach me that. We want to have a good time together.”

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Controllable dreams

“With the emphasis on ‘together’. On those TV shows, it’s mainly about me and me and me. My B&B, my farm, my world trip, my dreams. Kobe and I have dreams together and it’s very manageable.”

A new caravan, when we both retire. Weekend with group of friends at a house in Drenthe. That the grape plant will finally produce grapes and that our children will have a beautiful wedding. “We’ve been saving for this for twenty years now, so it won’t be our fault.”

Wanted: Love Lessons

For RTL News Lifestyle’s Love Lessons section, we’re looking for love lessons that are beautiful, vulnerable, funny, inspiring and honest. An insight, a moment of contemplation. Preferably with your hand in your lap. In the end, did you turn out to be the person who is afraid of commitment? Should you have never immigrated for love or was a blended family just an illusion after all? Journalist Haneke Megenster would like to ask you about this. You can say anonymous. Email to: [email protected].

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