Marriage at first sight spouses Mick and Daisy is headed for a fiasco: “What a misery” |  Turns out

Marriage at first sight spouses Mick and Daisy is headed for a fiasco: “What a misery” | Turns out

Not going well between Mick and Daisy in Amsterdam, it is now clear a lot to fans who stick to tube every week to get a fresh dose. Married at first sight. The couple’s honeymoon in sunny Albufeira threatens to turn into a fiasco.

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Singer Monique Smit and her boyfriend have signed up for the RTL4 show, in which the candidates marry a complete stranger, The Volendam Mick, who, like Daisy, lives in Amsterdam Nord. After the entrance to the altar, Monique saw something in it, because Mick is a teddy bear, a man Daisy is looking for.

How different are the love cards now that the two have arrived in Portugal. Daisy gets angry at Mick’s indecision, and Mick wants to show more of himself. To make matters worse, Daisy injured her ankle in the hotel room, forcing her to bed rest. Amsterdam woman sums up “What a misery” Married at first sightAdventure together. Mick sighs: “One almost went through her just because she was frustrated with you.”

Tonight’s episode didn’t improve. After four days of setbacks, the couple tries to feel comfortable in a water park. Mick loves “silliness, with a band,” while Daisy could do better with her sore ankle. Ferris wheel is also not “her thing”. Mick notes to the camera that things aren’t going smoothly between him and his new wife. “It’s uncomfortable to start a conversation. I myself but do I have to say something or not? Apparently, being precise is not the way.”

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Mick and Daisy are apparently not identical. © RTL

While Mick floats in a green pool, Daisy realizes that she is not happy. “I feel lost, I’m not nice, uncomfortable. He’s not the person that I feel comfortable when I say this to me. It makes him uncomfortable, and the situation is really uncomfortable. I feel coerced, I miss the person next to me with whom I can have a nice conversation. I am very disappointed about that. .

This does not appear to be improving in the coming weeks. In a preview you can see how Daisy’s mother is now aware of an actual failed marriage. “The moment simply wasn’t there. It’s that simple,” she concludes when she brings her daughter from Schiphol. Aunt Mick really doesn’t understand. “I think it’s very strange … it’s all on paper.” During “Couples Weekend” – a new item On the show by Carlo Bosszard – Daisy expands outside of school. “ Then I just want to say one thing … I was comfortable, but you didn’t feel comfortable, ” she concluded towards Mick, who is sitting next to her, confused while watching the group. I was uncomfortable? “

Side wheels

In an interview with fellow co-worker Lars, who can be followed up yesterday on his RTL4 Instagram account, Mick agrees that he wasn’t “very comfortable” while recording. “Editing wasn’t always in my interest either. It was hot, it was a lot. A lot happen in five weeks, but I think I managed to close it well.” Awesome: According to Meek, “The wonders are not over yet.” “I’ve learned that I should ride a bike with training wheels at the moment,” it seems mysterious. “I have a very nice wife, and everything will be fine in the end. It happens more than it airs.”

Young Lizzie, who recently blew out 26 candles, and Police Officer Lars, go smoothly and look like they are choosing each other. Moreover, grateful Lizzy, she writes on Instagram. “I myself chose to participate in a TV show, but my parents, brother and grandfather did not choose to, but they were regularly interviewed in front of the camera. And yes, I am proud when I see how they dealt with this and how much they have supported me throughout this time.” Freddy and Silvia hope they will have a second chance. Aaron and Monique are back from Austria in love, Danny Wren – better known as Geer and Goor 2.0 – get to know each other better and better.Above Bert and Susan, black clouds of love gather.Susan is feeling pressure and needs time for herself.

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