Ouwehand’s panda cub turns out to be not a boy but a girl |  internal

Ouwehand’s panda cub turns out to be not a boy but a girl | internal

The young giant panda Fan Xing, born in 2020 at Ouihands Zoo, is not a boy but a girl. The zoo found out about this when the animal was being examined because it would soon be relocated to China. Ouwehands Zoo director Robin de Lange and Jose Cook told Op1 on Thursday night.

“It’s very hard to see,” said the chargé d’affaires. “And we were convinced that it must be a man who had never entered our minds to doubt it.”

Panda becomes sexually mature in the fourth year of life. Fan Xing was taken away from his mother in January. The garden hoped that Mother Wu Wen would become pregnant again when her young were away. Female pandas are only able to reproduce for one to three days a year. Only at birth is it known whether the mating was successful or not.

Fan Xing will participate in a breeding program in China.

Father Xing Ya and mother Wu Wen came to the Netherlands in 2017 and will stay in Renen for 15 years. The young they get can stay at Rinen Zoo for a maximum of four years. Then they have to go back to the breeding center in China.

Giant pandas are found only in China in the wild. The breeding program is successful, because the species is no longer endangered, but still vulnerable.

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