Top 5 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#40, 2023)

Top 5 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#40, 2023)

Play in the Champions League, get an egg from the local farmer or go outside for 20 minutes. These are the best, most fun and useful Android apps and games of the week.

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1. EA Sports FC Mobile 24

Avid gamers have gotten it, of course: EA Sports FC 24 was released this week. Don’t buy the game on your console or PC? After that, you can go to the Google Play Store, because the FC Mobile app from EA Sports has also been updated to the latest version.

The biggest improvements this year are in the new imaging system. You decide how difficult it is to tackle, shoot or pass. In addition, the usual game modes are present. Create your perfect team, play a quick match, or build your football career. Finally, the game also looks a little better thanks to the improved graphics.

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile 24

Electronic Arts

2. Walking

You are probably familiar with the Ommetje app. It is an initiative of Brain Foundation to make people more active. According to research, physical exercise has a positive effect on brain fitness. With the Ommetje app, you can turn walking into a habit and it has now been updated.

He walks

The app gives you notifications to go outdoors every day. This can be done at different levels. Even a five-minute lap is important. You can then share your rides with friends and family, or view your place in the national rankings. Do you want to make walking a habit? Then you can easily set a weekly goal. Walk them!

3. Molicano

If you combine Scrabble with a 2D game like Pokémon Red, you get Molecano. You can cross the levels in this vertical game by forming words with the available letters. This way you can collect power-ups, defeat opponents and avoid bombs.

Mulcano trailer

Not only is creating words challenging, it’s challenging. Putting words in the right place is also a tactical game. You will definitely have to replay the level every now and then. By passing levels, you can also unlock new characters. Ready messages? Just a puzzle!

4. Green shopping cart

Are you curious where your food comes from? Through this Dutch app, the developers hope to increase support among farmers and consumers. Where people used to drink milk from the local dairy, this distance is now much greater.


The app works both ways. First, you can see for each participating farmer or gardener where their product is sold. Conversely, you can also see the source of supported products in the app. This way we hope you will search for your groceries more consciously.

Green shopping cart


5. Sky Islands

“Sort of a 2D Mario Bros game, but with 3D elements.” This seems to be the inspiration for the makers of Sky Island. At first glance, the game has a recognizable 2D style, where you can avoid obstacles, jump over gaps, and defeat enemies. But with the push of a button, the simple flat world turns into a 3D game.

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Sky Islands - platformer game

This gives a completely different aspect to the Sky Islands. Because by switching to 3D mode, you will find hidden ways to exit the level. Moreover, the game’s old-fashioned look speaks for itself. curious? Then download the game via the button below.

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