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The Pokémon Company presents the Pokémon TCG Live card game. It is the successor to Pokémon TCG Online from 2012. The new live version is coming “soon” for Android and iOS. A web version will also be available, making the game playable on PC and Mac.

Pokémon Trading Card is a live game wordt een free-to-play-game, mix The Pokémon Company in Press release. It is the first time that the Pokémon card game has been played on smartphones, as well as tablets, PCs, and Mac computers. The game will appear “soon” in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and will also be playable via web browsers on the Pokémon website.

The TCG Live card game will include cross-platform support between Android, iOS and web versions of the game. The game will be available in six different languages, but Dutch is not an option at the moment. Smartphone version according to pdf from The Pokémon Company Supported on iPhone 7 or later, as well as Android smartphones running Android 8.0 or later.

In Pokémon TCG Live, players can play the Pokémon card game according to the official rules. Users can also build their own deck of playing cards. In addition, players can collect new cards by scanning token cards that come with packs of real Pokémon cards. Players can also purchase in-game booster packs and participate in daily quests to collect new cards.

There is no release date for TCG Live yet, but the developer reported that the mobile light lunch In Canada and the beta is open globally for PCs and Macs. A full global version will be released at a later time.

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