Tokyo 2020 |  The first gold medal in Tokyo is for China

Tokyo 2020 | The first gold medal in Tokyo is for China

Every athlete dreams of competing in the Olympic Games, but not only that. Ultimately, every athlete wants to win the gold medal in the Games. The first gold was also awarded early on the first official day of the Olympic Games.

Yang Qian wins first gold in Tokyo 2020

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It is noteworthy that the shooting from the air rifle with a height of 10 meters is the first tournament held in Tokyo in which medals are competed. The gold medal was won by China’s Qian Yang, ahead of Russia’s Anastasia Galashina and Switzerland’s Nina Christine. The 21-year-old Yang took the gold with 251.8 points.

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1st Medal

The honor for the first medal goes to James Connolly. At the 1896 Games, the American won the triple jump, becoming the first Olympic champion in the modern games. The win earned him a silver medal, as gold wasn’t introduced until 1904. The second man took the bronze, and the third was no medal ready.

Dutch gold

The first Dutchmen to win gold at the Olympics are Jupp Karp Berend Karp and Pete Wernink in the sailing section in the 6.5m class. This was the beginning of a whole series of Dutch gold medals.

The 2000 Sydney Summer Games were the most successful in terms of gold medals. In the second games in Australia, the Orange team won no less than 12 gold medals, as well as nine silver and four bronze medals.

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In addition to the great successes of the Dutch Olympic team, there were years when a gold medalist never came home. The 1994 Lillehammer Games were the last games the Dutch returned without a gold medal. However, Rentje Retsma, Falko Zandstra and Bart Feldkamp managed to achieve one silver and three bronze medals.

Kild Noyce won the last Dutch gold medal in Pyeongchang 2018 in the 1000m speed skating. The big question now is: Which Dutchman will win the first gold for TeamNL in Tokyo?

Kjeld Nuis celebrates his gold medal in PyeongChang

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Medals Ranking

In medal standings up to the Pyeongchang Games in 2018, including, the United States is far ahead of second place with 1,022 gold medals at the Summer Games and 105 at the Winter Games. This is the Soviet Union with a score of 473. Germany is in third place with a total of 283 gold medals.

The Netherlands ranks 17th in the rankings with a total of 130 gold medals. Of those, 85 were achieved during the Summer Games.

In addition to the country ranking, there is also a rating of the most successful Dutch. The best Olympian is Erin Fust with eleven medals, followed by Anke van Grunsven and Sven Kramer with nine. The top six were completed by Inge de Bruijn (8), Pieter van den Hoogenband (7) and Leontien van Moorsel (6)

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