Titans are coming soon

Titans are coming soon

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Titans are coming soon

HBO Max is the home of live and animated DC series in the United States. One of them, of course Titans We know that the recordings of this have been going on for some time.

Although we don’t yet know when the third season will start exactly, we are now hearing from the cast that the new season will be released in August. A specific date will come soon enough.

in August

HBO released a video in which several cast members could watch and talk about the recordings. “We’re on set and a lot of magic happens”The cast said.

“Prepare for some surprises. Season 3 will be dark and mysterious and exciting and heartbreaking. It’s full of action and fun and the actors can’t wait to see it. It’s going to be big. It’s going to be big. Crazy. And I mean really, crazy. So get ready for season 3 of Titans, which is coming to our new home.” On HBO Max in August ”.

The third season of Titans He becomes more hopeful than the second one, though it now looks like things will get a dark edge.

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