These five unique Airbnb homes can be rented during your US road trip

These five unique Airbnb homes can be rented during your US road trip

Are you looking for unique places to stay during your road trip across the Big USA? Then we will be happy to help you. The following five unique Airbnb homes you should stay in. In most cases, vacation rentals are better than hotels when it comes to exclusivity and experience. Where you are can make or break your mood.

Precisely for this reason, a good place to stay has great value. The more unique your accommodation is, the more special your road trip will be. Do you live in one of the following homes? Then you will always look at your road trip across the United States with a special feeling.

Memorial House

If you are looking for a home with a design integrated with the outdoors, The Monument House seems to be the perfect choice for you. Here you can get away from digital life and completely relax while enjoying the fresh air. A product of architect Josh Schweitzer, this iconic estate was previously reserved only for his friends and family for three decades and was only opened to the public in late 2022.

From the outside, the Memorial House is composed of cubic shapes and trapezoidal openings that reflect the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, the vibrant walls add a pop of color to the otherwise barren landscape. Because it was built between 1989 and 1990, the interior almost feels like a time capsule of its era with designer furniture, like the Roy McMakin dining table and dining room chairs designed by Schweitzer himself.

Luxury tree house with 5 star resort facilities

If one of your childhood dreams was to sleep in a fully decorated treehouse, we've found your dream here. Located in a tropical rainforest on the Big Island of Hawaii, this treehouse is built inside a kukui nut tree, allowing guests to stay 15 feet above the ground. With a live tree trunk built into the structure, the property is surrounded by beautiful tropical foliage, ocean views and equipped with the amenities of a 5-star resort, as described in the Airbnb listing.

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Since this is a handcrafted treehouse, much of the furniture and home accessories are sourced locally, especially the large bed frame and sideboards made from mango wood. This definitely makes it one of the unique Airbnb homes you can rent during your road trip across the United States.

Off-the-grid desert bungalow, with modern interior design

This creative, environmentally conscious home was built entirely by hand by homeowner and host Dan. Dan's Earthship is located just outside of Taos, New Mexico, surrounded by stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The exterior combines stone masonry with a greenhouse-like structure that regulates temperature and illuminates the interior with natural light. From storing rainwater to generating electricity through solar panels, this unique home enjoys a comfortable temperature of 22°C all year round, without heating or air conditioning.

The interior design blends rustic wooden ceilings, modern rough walls and acid-stained floors, and is decorated with both modern and vintage furniture. Although Earthship is undoubtedly an off-grid property, it is fully equipped with modern amenities, appliances and fully-functional bathrooms that can accommodate up to four people.

The miracle in the forest

Described as an “architectural wonder in the woods” on the Airbnb website, this rare gem is actually part of Steve Holl Architects’ experimental T-Space project. In a video interview with Architectural Digest, Hall explains that he was inspired by Peter Sloterdijk's Spheres trilogy, which explores infinite spaces and the fundamental shaping of human life. The cabin takes its name from “Explorations of In”, a series of development models executed by the studio to intersect fields in trapezoidal volumes.

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In terms of materiality, the house was built with largely unpainted hardwood. Much of the home's mid-century style decor and furnishings were created by architects Steven Holl, including the 1970s Porosity lamp, the Ex of In table lamp and the A chairs, to name a few. A unique look in the middle of the forest.

Small country church on the hill

Have you always wanted to sleep in the Lord's house? Which can. The last unique house we highlight is a small local church. It was built in 1913 and was later completely converted into a residence in the 1950s. Like the exterior, the church's interior retains many of its quaint charms—from the 25-foot cathedral ceilings, original stained glass windows and early 1900s tin walls—to the old spiral staircase. Fun fact, the late Gayle Greene, famous restaurant critic, lived in this building with her husband in the 1960s, so the food is probably better than usual.

You can find all the photos of these unique Airbnb homes in the photo gallery above.

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