After 52 years, Paul McCartney gets his stolen guitar back: 'It was in someone's attic' |  Displays

After 52 years, Paul McCartney gets his stolen guitar back: 'It was in someone's attic' | Displays

Paul McCartney has recovered his stolen guitar after almost 52 years. The instrument, which can be heard on several Beatles songs, was stolen in 1972 and has been back in the artist's possession since last week. He bought the violin-shaped guitar in 1961 for a few dozen euros, and its value is now more than 11 million euros.

Hofner, the guitar manufacturer, launched a campaign in 2018 to find the instrument stolen from the bus. After new information about the theft, the guitar was eventually found and verified as a McCartney instrument. “The bass is complete and still maintains its original condition.” “Some repairs are needed to make it playable again, but a team of professionals can easily implement them,” Höfner said.

The distinctive looking guitar, which McCartney bought before he became famous, was last seen in public around the time the Beatles released their final album, Let it beRecordings. He played songs like Love me I do, she loves you in Rolling and squealing for along way. McCartney, 81, says he is “extremely grateful” to have his guitar back.

Student Ruaidhri Guest shared a photo of the machine on social media on Tuesday. “To my friends and family: I inherited this piece and it has been returned to Paul McCartney. Share the news,” he posted on X. His mother, Cathy, heard about the search and realized she had the copy in the attic, several British media outlets wrote.

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McCartney has previously said that he “fell in love” with the instrument because, unlike many electric guitars, it has a symmetrical shape. “I found this Hofner violin bass for about £30,” McCartney said in an interview. “And to me, because I was left-handed, it seemed less crazy because it was symmetrical. I went for it. As soon as I bought it, I fell in love with it.”

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Old statue of Paul McCartney with his guitar.
Old statue of Paul McCartney with his guitar. © Apple Film – Count

It would become a common sight: McCartney used the instrument in live performances between 1961 and 1963, before it finally disappeared after the Beatles broke up in 1970. There have been several theories over the years about what happened to the instrument, with rumors that it was stolen by a thief from a safe at Abbey Studios Rod, but some also believe that the instrument simply disappeared into the basement of the band's office.

The thief sold it to the innkeeper

One of the breakthroughs in the research was that it was discovered that the guitar was stolen from the back of a truck on the night of October 10, 1972, in the Notting Hill area of ​​London. The thief then allegedly sold the instrument to a bar owner in the same area. Eventually, Höfner's team was able to track the bass over the years, partly due to the numerous responses they received after global publicity for the research.

As a result, one person living in a terraced house on the south coast of England remembered an old guitar lying in his attic. They took these out and realized what they had. “Within a few days he was back to Paul McCartney,” Höfner writes. on the site.

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According to the manufacturer, the bass guitar can now be better appreciated “as a Gogh or a Picasso and not just an instrument,” according to reports. Watchman.

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