These celebrities dream of hacking in the US

These celebrities dream of hacking in the US

For some celebrities, our little country is too small for their big dreams. They want an international penetration, preferably in America. An overview of celebrities who dream of working abroad.

I want America, I want Los Angeles

Rico Verhoeven

Although Rico is already known worldwide for his skills in the ring, kickboxers also dream of a different kind of international career. If it were up to Rico, he’d star in major films in America one day. He does not hide that his dream is to become an actor. In his recently released documentary – aptly named I hope for a lot – He talks about this. “I’ve been in the next profession for a long time and that’s acting.” He also states that he was interested in acting from an early age, because he sometimes saw combative elements in it. The person who inspires him is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has managed to put himself on the map as an actor alongside his career as a bodybuilder. Martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme managed to motivate Rico to fulfill his dream as an actor.

Riku is realistic and knows that there will come a day when he will have to choose between acting or fighting. He hopes to have achieved what he wanted from the fight and to choose acting.

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Yolanthi Kabau

Yolanthi with her latest movie just say yes It has already reached many countries. romcom has topped the top ten on Netflix since its release in different countries. In addition to this romantic comedy from the Dutch lands, Yolanthe played in many foreign films and series. Yolanth speaks, in addition to Dutch, Turkish, Spanish and English. Partly for this reason, the actress managed to score a role in a pop like American movie suffer reap And the Turkish version of police Academy.

Meanwhile, Yolanth lives in Los Angeles and continues to work as an international actress. She is currently in Egypt for a movie. On Instagram, the actress shared a video with her followers in which she passes international roles, including fluently spoken languages. You watch the video below.

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Glenys Grace

Singer Glenys Grace for a long time dreamed of a breakthrough in America and came up with her participation in american talents So close in 2018. She promised at the time that her hack in America would never mean she would “forget Holland.” She reached the final, but failed to win.

After the supermarket incident, she again caught the attention of Americans. This time less positive. This is how big it was on the front page of the entertainment site TMZWhere did I read that one of the former finalists american talentsSo Glennis was arrested for assault. Glennis is now at large again and awaits the ongoing investigation.

You are watching a video of the Glennis test in . format american talents here under.

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Anouk has had an eventful career. The singer has always been popular in Holland and Belgium, but it has been much more difficult abroad. It had success in 2006 in Israel and Turkey. by her number one word Anouk also reached the number one spot in the Albanian charts. In the same year, Anouk tried to achieve success in Canada but failed. In Norway and America, Anouk took off with her song Lostafter the number during Norwegian Got Talent and american If you think you can dance can be heard.

During her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, Anouk also managed to share her music with the world. by her number the birds I managed to reach the final. It took ninth place, the highest ranking for the Netherlands in fourteen years.

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Not from Dutch territory, but is known from the Dutch and Belgian version of temptation island He is Fabrizio. Although he is now committed to his participation in BSC Already in a dream, his biggest dream lies elsewhere. He hopes to make a breakthrough as an actor. The fact that he has no acting experience yet does not stop him. On the love show, he says that this is his biggest wish in addition to finding love. “I just have huge ambitions,” his Phaedra date told him. “I’m convinced you can achieve anything you want,” said Fabrizio. “I want America. I want Los Angeles. And most of all, to be an actor in Hollywood.”

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If you are interested in Rico Verhoeven’s Documentary: You are watching the four-part series I hope for a lot In Prime Video. The series is not only about his biggest dream but also about his ambitions as an entrepreneur and parenthood.

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