There will be six (!) New films "Bad Lieutenant"

There will be six (!) New films “Bad Lieutenant”

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In 1992 came the director Abel Ferrara With the infamous cult movie bad lieutenant, in which Harvey Keitel Playing a corrupt cop who gets even crazier as the movie progresses.

In 2009, Ferrara was followed by a show of sorts Werner Herzog with the address Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans he met Nicolas Cage Like a more confused police officer.

During the Cannes Film Festival, Ed Pressman of Pressman Film announced last week that the “franchise” would be coming back to life with six (!)

ambitious approach

The idea is to take the Netflix series approach criminal. We are tracking six corrupt cops in six different countries: the UK, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Argentina and France. Each film will be made with talent from the respective country and the language of that country.

Pressman hasn’t said anything about who will direct these films, but it appears that the directors have already been signed and the various scenarios are already being worked on. It is still unclear when the different films should be released.

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