The women’s 3-1 welterweight finish is too strong for the DTS’35 Ede

The women’s 3-1 welterweight finish is too strong for the DTS’35 Ede

Soccer – ACV Women won their home game against DTS’35 Ede today. Despite putting pressure on their backside in the final minutes, ACV managed to increase their lead going into the final stretch of the match and win 3-1.

ACV is eighth in the Premier Division with 14 points from 11 games and has two points less than DTS’35. FC Eindhoven is the leader with 25 points.

“We saw in advance that it is a good team with a lot of experience in the top flight, but also a team that has had a few slip-ups this season,” says coach Sven Kroll. His team quickly realized how Ede’s team wanted to pressure him and he managed to play free players several times. Thirty minutes later, Assen’s team managed to take the lead. Lisanne Dik managed to pass the opponent and hit the ball hard.

“The way we played is the way we want to play,” Kroll says. In the final minutes of the first half it almost became 2-0, but the ball hit the crossbar, so that ACV went into the break with a 1-0 lead.

“The last half hour was tough and they got dangerous a few times,” Kroll continues. However, ACV managed to win a one-on-one duel in the last minute and score the third goal (3-1). “We’ve been developing well lately, and with this win we’re giving ourselves space compared to other teams,” Kroll concludes cheerfully.

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