Dutch school?  Orange three times in the top five of the most unsportsmanlike matches in the World Cup

Dutch school? Orange three times in the top five of the most unsportsmanlike matches in the World Cup


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In the Netherlands, after being eliminated in the World Cup, it was a lot about the unsportsmanlike Argentines. But the fact is that the World Cup match for the Dutch national team did not end in battle for the first time. A telling stat: The Netherlands can be found three times in the top five of the most unsportsmanlike duels at the World Cup ever.

Of course, the Argentines did not show their best side several times on Friday night. For example, when Leandro Paredes pushed Nathan Ake down and hit the ball hard towards Holland’s bench. Or when Argentina provocatively and sarcastically cheered the Orange players after the winning penalty kick.

The moment after the winning penalty kick went viral:


The Argentine players are not behaving sportily after Lautaro Martinez’s penalty kick win

Messi also made a contribution by getting a cut from Louis van Gaal and Edgar Davids afterwards. Van Gaal’s words during the previous press conference did not agree with the world star.

“Van Gaal always announces that he plays good attacking football, but his team shoots all the balls wide,” said Messi.

Moments later, Wout Weghorst also had to believe it. “What are you looking at? Crazy. Walk,” the star called out to Weghorst during an interview, who said he was waiting for him to shake Macy’s hand.

Below see NOS reporter Kees Jongkind’s report with the Argentines, one day after the duel with the Netherlands.

Van Gaal’s words motivate Argentina: ‘Never pre-kick’

Dumfries said afterwards: “You do everything you can to win. This is the World Cup. They do, and so do we.”

Much-discussed referee Antonio Mateo Lahoz eventually drew a record number of cards. With 48 fouls, the Netherlands-Argentina match had the most fouls at the World Cup finals since Brazil and Colombia in 2014 (54 fouls), according to statistics agency Opta.

“Where did the Dutch school go?”

The Netherlands recorded thirty violations on Friday night, making the Netherlands only the eighth team this century with so many violations in a World Cup match. “Where did the Dutch school go?” asked Tyc Sport, the Argentinian, after the quarter-final between the Netherlands and Argentina.

It’s often about the unsavory play of South American countries, but the Netherlands’ image – beautiful, attacking football – was subject to change at the recent World Cup. It is not for nothing that the orange is three times in the top five of the most unsportsmanlike matches of the World Cup.

World Cup matches with the most cards (Source: Opta)

Competition year Yellow cards red cards
Netherlands and Argentina 2022 15th 1
Portugal and the Netherlands 2006 12 4
Cameroon Germany 2002 14 2
Netherlands and Spain 2010 13 1
Senegal – Uruguay 2002 12 0

* The second yellow card is considered a red card and does not add to the total number of yellow cards. Coaches and assistant tickets are not included in this listing.

Sixteen yellow cards and four red cards were in the handbook of Russian referee Valentin Ivanov after the Final Eight match. A match that went down in the books as the “Battle of Nuremberg”.

shovel crew

During the 2010 World Cup, the Dutch continued to work on the “shovel team” image. With Nigel de Jong’s karate kick against Spain in the final as an iconic illustration.


Nigel Young

It became one of the ugliest World Cups in history, and according to foreign media, it was mainly because of the Netherlands. It was a miracle that only Johnny Heitinga was sent off.

The Netherlands didn’t excel at beauty in this World Cup quarter-final either, with the Netherlands barely able to create anything until Wout Weghorst came on as a substitute. Call it realism. We call it moving with the times. It has nothing to do with the classical Dutch school.

Not only is Holland’s tough game dependable in commentary, the field game has also been a source of criticism for NOS analysts:

Van Basten did not enjoy the orange, Van Hooydonk: “The penalties hide a lot.”

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