Toine van Peperstraten: “Because of the sports studio’s decency to cry, everyone knows who I am” |  Instagram

Toine van Peperstraten: “Because of the sports studio’s decency to cry, everyone knows who I am” | Instagram

with videoThe cry that Toine van Peperstraten made 9.5 years ago while saying goodbye Sports studioEnsures that “everyone knows who it is”. This is what the podcast presenter says Budapest. “Meanwhile, it feels so strange, it kind of gave me a signature.”

It is engraved in the memory of many people: Toine van Peperstraten who said goodbye 9.5 years ago with a broken voice and tears in his eyes as presenter of Sports studio. It isn’t long before Shrapnel’s men capture him football inside: Johan Dirksen, René van der Gyp and Wilfried Jenny. they exclaimed as they saw an emotional Van Peperstraten.

Although Van Peperstraten was not happy with it at the time, he now views it more favorably. “Obviously it shouldn’t have happened. Internally it might be fine, but it’s not and a public square. Actually, I actually wanted to do some gimmicks myself, but VI Take me to him. And those guys were untouchable at the time, so it kind of took on a life of its own,” explains the presenter.

He argues that it is sometimes important to transform a negative experience into a positive one. “Meanwhile it seems very strange, he kind of gave me an autograph. I don’t think one out of ten presenters has a certain autograph, and you immediately know who it is. You have that with me now. It sounds very silly, because it’s not a positive thing on Immediately, but it’s something everyone knows who I am.”

This is how Toine van Peperstraten also appears in the guessing game 30 seconds. “Because I think if you picture it that way, everyone will know right away: Hey, this is Toine.”

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According to Van Peperstraten, his crying became a ‘thing’ due to the gentlemen’s attention football inside gave her. Then, the presenter of the program heard that the images were not even allowed to be used by the program and that they actually had to be paid for.

“It was also an inopportune time,” Van Peperstraten explains. According to him, this concerned his switch to Fox Sports, which owned all rights to Dutch football. “Including sub-licences. We had it under our management and we wanted to keep it. VI wasn’t allowed to use it anymore, so they were also looking at making it smaller. And yeah, everyone got together, so they can grumble Fox and I.”

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