The Miami GP front man defends the pre-race show, and makes comparisons to Netflix’s DTS series

Just before the fifth Grand Prix of 2023 ended, the Formula 1 world was treated to a pre-race show. All twenty drivers were introduced individually to the spectators and spectators; An event that drew much criticism from drivers and fans alike. After the Grand Prix at Miami International Circuit, Miami GP boss Tom Garfinkel defends the whole thing.

The second Grand Prix was held in Miami last weekend. In an effort to add more excitement to the premiere class of motorsport, the organization behind this Grand Prix has decided to organize a special introduction before the race.

All of the drivers were referred to the network by well-known rapper LL Cool J and musician Will.I.Am in the US, an idea that was not received with very positive messages. Drivers like Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly, among others, have shared their displeasure with the whole thing, and fans have essentially opted for social media as a way to dump critical messages into the world.

Miami Grand Prix managing director Tom Garfinkel defends the scene after the race in Miami: “At the end of the day, this is a show,” Garfinkel begins, referring to Formula 1. “When the Netflix series (Drive to Survive) was first announced, many people didn’t They are happy about that too, but in the end it has a positive impact on the sport.”

“Formula 1 and the FIA ​​are very involved in these kinds of issues,” says the entrepreneur. “What we’ve organized here comes more from their side than from mine.” “When we gathered here to organize a race in Miami, they were with a desire to bring more entertainment to the sport, and that’s what we were trying to deliver,” Garfinkel said.

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