The director of the security zone fears the Black Corona scenario: “It is possible indeed the end of March”

The director of the security zone fears the Black Corona scenario: “It is possible indeed the end of March”

Alkmaar – The Netherlands does not have a relatively large number of coronavirus infections and hospitalizations as is the case in the north of our province. There is no longer a place in hospitals in that area. That’s why North North Holland Safety District Director Martin Smokes is afraid of the black halo scenario.

“We’re not just thinking about this, but we’re preparing tangibly. It’s closer than ever. And if everyone says,” Just look at it, “then we know for sure that at the end of March, let’s say, that black scenario will be on schedule. Business. “, Smikis feared.

Choose who can be helped

Smeekes says such a black scenario means that there will be pressure on healthcare that a decision must be made about who can and cannot be helped in the hospital. “I’ve been doing this for a long time, but I’ve never tried this before. But we’re preparing for it. Including aftercare for people who would suffer massive psychological damage if they had to do so. We’ve seen it in the UK where the healthcare workers are totally exhausted.” .

Nord Holland Nord had 2,000 injuries in the past week. The fact that the area is emerging this way, according to Smikis, is because the district chief survived the first two waves and is therefore now more vulnerable. “In addition, the acceptance of compliance with the rules is also lower than in the rest of the country.”

The National Patient Distribution Coordination Center distributes the number of Corona patients throughout the Netherlands. At the start of the week, a patient was transferred from the Declander Hospital in Horn By helicopter Transferred to a hospital in Maastricht. Then a hospital spokesperson expected the transfer of patients to continue after the weekend.

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He needs to relax anyway

The Safety Zone Manager’s story contrasts starkly with the Next relaxSuch as the reopening of connected professions, the partial reopening of secondary schools and allowing young people to practice more. According to Smeekes, we are taking this at risk. “Permissible things give a little extra risk. But we have to realize that the Netherlands is Koronamoy. Young people are also suffering harm due to not being able to meet their peers. We have to do something about it. We prevent young people from all kinds of things. Cause other harm.” “

But there is nothing more than this, Smikis’ message. According to him, this is not intimidating tactics, “If we start doing all kinds of things again, it will not just choose who will be helped, and there will be more deaths. But a complete lockdown is the only solution.”

Still, the security zone manager is optimistic. “Now 200,000 people per week are vaccinated, and that increases to 400,000 per week. So, it is really true that during May, at the end of May, a very large part of the Netherlands was vaccinated and certainly people who are vulnerable.

More could be done from May

This is also the time More can be done. Smeekes says as long as we stick to the rules until then. “Wait. The end is in sight. And then it seems like Israel is now, people can only go to the stands and get out. We have to focus on that, and get to that finish line.”

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