Belgium is not very strict compared to the neighboring countries

Belgium is not very strict compared to the neighboring countries

Great relaxation is not imminent, because only from May there will be enough certainty that more freedoms will not lead to a new climax in our country. But how strict are the procedures in Belgium compared to our neighboring countries?

Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe (Open VLD) tries to calm expectations in response to the advisory committee on Friday. The point at which the risk of a third Corona wave is dangerously diminishing is not far away. A major easing is unlikely to happen before May, according to the models demonstrated by biostatistician Neil Haines yesterday.

Shops and hairdressers can really open in our country, but you are not allowed to go out on the street between midnight and 5 am (even between 10 pm and 6 am in Brussels and Wallonia). In addition, remote work is compulsory, pupils in the second and third stages of secondary education mainly receive distance education and social contact is limited to one contact per person. Abroad you can meet up to 4 people. How strict are things in our neighboring countries?


The course of the crisis in our country can best be compared with the situation in France. There was a peak there after the Christmas holidays, but the situation has been stable since mid-January.

France has been tough for months Clothe. No one is allowed to leave the house from 6 PM. Homework Mandatory if possible, but schools are open. Children from 6 years old must wear a mouth mask. An exception applies to universities, where distance learning is regulated, and libraries are open only by appointment.

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Unnecessary stores They do open, like hairdressers, but should close at 6 PM. Large shopping centers are closed, as are bars, restaurants, cinemas, theater, museums and fitness centers. Religious buildings and public services will remain open, and hotels are also open, but only room service is possible.

travelers From the European Union he must be able to present a negative PCR test upon arrival in France.

Mond masks Mandatory almost everywhere, including outdoors in crowded areas. Private meetings should be kept to a minimum, as people at home can take a maximum of six adults.


The Netherlands will gradually ease the lockdown from March onwards.although Clothe Between 9 PM and 4.30 AM at least until March 15th. High schools may receive students again from March 1, and elementary schools and childcare sites have opened since February 8. Contact careers can start working again from March 3 an exception that only applies to sex workers.

Non-essential stores may open their doors again on March 3, albeit by setting an appointment. Young people up to the age of 27 can play sports again outside within their own club. Gymnasiums, as well as catering establishments, libraries, cinemas, discos, theaters, museums, amusement parks, zoos and swimming pools will be closed. Events are prohibited, as are the exceptions to funerals, weddings, demonstrations and markets.

There are limitations to that for travel, Inside and outside the Netherlands. Public transport only applies to essential trips, and Dutch people are asked not to travel abroad unless really necessary. Anyone traveling to the Netherlands should be able to present a negative PCR test and be quarantined for ten days.

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In addition, a number of general rules are applied, such as maintaining a distance of one and a half meters, working from home, a mandatory mouth mask in public indoor spaces, and limiting visits to one guest per day. Outside, groups of up to two people from different families or one family can meet together.


Germany is a federally organized, the federal states enjoy a lot of freedom to determine the procedures and rules that are decided by the federal government itself. There is one Close Until March 7, many stores will remain closed, overnight stays will be prohibited, catering establishments, theaters, cinemas and theme parks will remain closed. But the Hairdressers It may open its doors from March 1, but there are also possibilities for a few other sectors. With a consistent 7-day incidence of a maximum of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the following steps can be taken by the federal states.

to Schools Open depends on the federal states, incl Clothe Depends on the region. Homework It is stimulated as much as possible. Private travel Visits are not recommended.

Germany chooses the medical field Masks In public transport and in the shops. In Germany bubble Only one person from outside the family is accepted.

The next federal state meeting is scheduled for March 3.


There is also one in Luxembourg ClotheDo not go out between 11 PM and 6 AM. Restaurants, cafes and bars are closed, hotels are open, but only room service is possible.

Indoor and outdoor meetings are permitted, with a maximum of 100 people. All stores are open, with restrictions on the number of customers. Indoor and outdoor sports are permitted.

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Mouth mask is mandatory on public transport, and a distance of 1.5 meters is recommended.

United kingdom

In the UK is strict Close In fact. Residents are not allowed to leave the house without express permission. Exceptions: go to the store, work, exercise, or seek medical attention. The date for relaxation is set from March 8.

Schools Open only to vulnerable children, or children of caregivers. All other children receive distance learning.

It is recommended that you stay two meters away from anyone who is not in the bubble.

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