Tom Egbers will not work for NOS Sport |  Displays

Tom Egbers will not work for NOS Sport | Displays

Presenter Tom Eggers (65) will not work for NOS Sport in the coming months following allegations of improper behavior in the workplace. This will be announced by the employer on Friday.

The journalist decided this “in good consultation” with management, according to NOS. In this way, Egbers wants to give space to answer questions that have recently arisen after the article De Volkskrant About misconduct in the NOS Sport editorial office. He was absent last Sunday Eredivisie Sports StudioHe was replaced by Gert van Hoof. NOS did not say who will be watching over the coming months.

Eggers were discredited last week because of that Volkskrantcondition. He is said to have bullied and bullied a female colleague with whom he had been in a relationship for a while. This story was confirmed to the newspaper by several contributors. NOS itself came in recent months a few hundred reports Offensive behavior and harsh culture on the work floor.

Yankee Decker, Egbers’ wife and former president of the Mores Foundation, confirmed the case this site. According to her, the sports presenter ended the relationship and informed the management at NOS. Then they said: We consider this a private affair. You are two adults. You have to solve it yourself.” Decker accuses the woman of stalking behaviour.

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Also look elsewhere in the NOS

The editor-in-chief of NOS Sport resigned after publishing Volkskrantreturn piece. On Wednesday, NOS announced that there will be one, too investigation On NOS News and NOS Events follows.

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Since then, Yankee Decker has resigned as president of the Morris Foundation. The Center for Unwanted Behavior Reporting in the cultural and creative sector was discussed because of its role. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Gunay Oslo (Midea) met Urgent advice He was asked about the position of the reporting point. According to Oslo, the fact that the position of “board members” has been brought up for discussion could “discourage people from reporting because it raises questions about the confidential treatment of reporting, which is of course highly undesirable.”

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