The bombshell exploded between Benjamin and Joshua in a winter of love: 'Manipulation'

The bombshell exploded between Benjamin and Joshua in a winter of love: 'Manipulation'

When the cameras turn off in the evening, things get really bad in Switzerland. Benjamin explains to his housemate Anna what happened. “He went crazy yesterday.” Joshua has no intention of staying in the guest house at the bottom of the mountain and wants to be home with Benjamin. “He was screaming on the phone. He wouldn't accept it.”

What is the story according to Joshua? “I expected to go upstairs for a while. A nice evening with a glass of wine, and a chat about what the day brought. Benjamin didn't feel the need at the moment.” Joshua knows where his frustration comes from. “When you fall in love, many things happen inside you body. (…) I wanted it different. “I would have enjoyed going upstairs, but that's also love: sometimes we let each other out for a while.”

But for Benjamin, puppy love comes crashing down like an avalanche from the Swiss Alps. “He considered himself more important than me. And that's where I draw the line,” he continues to tell Anna. “He can sometimes be very arrogant. He's not exactly humble. I don't think that's a good trait.” Anna is harsh with Joshua and thinks he should arrange a plane again, but this time to leave for the Netherlands alone. “He made me feel like he thought you were his,” she explains.

So it was time for Benjamin to confront Joshua with his decision. At least, that's what he wants, but Joshua beat him to it. “I have made a decision. It is not up to you. (…) I will go home,” says the love candidate. But where Yeshua wants to say goodbye to him for a short time, Benjamin wants to get rid of Yeshua once and for all. And he has his reasons for that. “You can't adapt to someone else and want them the way you want. You're too dominant in that. I'd rather not use the word, but a bit manipulative. And I also think that's a big middle finger to me.”

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Benjamin has made his decision and it is a difficult one. “You won't be able to get the best out of me,” he says. “I don't see any future after that.” “We're not made for each other. We'll leave it at that.” Joshua accepts the decision, but finds it difficult to hide his feelings after the conversation. “I got to know myself a lot. I got to know Benjamin. However, I think we will see each other again in a few months. I have closed him in my heart, and if there is someone in my heart I will not go out anymore,” he says. With wet eyes.

Benjamin feels relieved now that Joshua has left. He discusses the bad news with his mother, Elsie. Benjamin tells his mother, “I hope he has a beautiful life. That he finds someone who wants to give him 100 percent love.” But Elsie also talked to Joshua. “I'll tell you what he said: There are 100 men waiting for me in Amsterdam when I get back.” “Then I think: Excuse me? What are you doing here? Find one of those hundred men over there. Why did you come here? Then you must have a very high opinion of yourself when you say that.”

Benjamin no longer welcomes the 100 men, but will the real man arrive? You won't see him until this week A winter full of love. It can be watched daily until Thursday at 8:30 pm on RTL 4 and on Videoland you can watch the dating show in advance.

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