Teen Mom's Tyler shows off a toned body after a weight loss race

Teen Mom’s Tyler shows off a toned body after a weight loss race

“I have managed to lose over 11 pounds,” Tyler wrote. The photo shows what the reality star’s body was like before the knockout race and how it is now.

At the end of March, Tyler weighed 92 kilograms (203 pounds) and now his scale is 81. According to the teen MomA star, he’s been pushing his limits lately and the result has been great. However, it doesn’t end here: “I still have a long way to go before I reach my end goal.”

For the enthusiast, Tyler promises that he will actively share his fitness adventure on his Instagram. Especially because he gets a lot of questions about this from his followers.

Tyler has been married to his longtime love Catelyn Lowell since 2015. He – she teen Mom– A couple participated in the program in 2009 16 & pregnant. Then they had their first daughter, Carly. Since they were still teenagers, they decided to give up Carly for adoption. They are now proud parents to four girls. Baby Ria, 3 year old Faida, 7 year old Nuvali and 12 year old Carly. Recently, Tyler decided to get himself sterilized, as the two no longer wanted children.

Gordon is also someone who loves to share the secret behind the knockout race with the general public. The singer has been working hard in recent months to achieve the body of his dreams. And he seems to have succeeded.

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