Evan Carsters is the driving force behind the Corfes Suriname football team

In 2017 Ivan Karsters of Koog aan de Zaan took the lead in reviving Surinamese korfball. “Then we got together and went to see if Surinamese talent was playing in the Netherlands,” Carsters says. De Zaankanter is at home in all markets: from recruiting sponsors, to the website, and to cooking for his team. Nothing too crazy for him.

Surinamese talent is present, as the team has already won the South American Championship twice and finished sixth at the 2019 World Cup in South Africa. “We are the first Surinamese team to reach the final tournament. So we are writing history for Suriname,” says Randel van der Steen proudly. The player from Suriname plays for the Amsterdam Blue Witt club.

World Cup in Taipei

In October, Suriname will participate in the World Cup in Taipei. “You can expect good play and smiling faces. We have a party and hope for a medal,” Carsters looks forward.

NH Sport had an evening on a training session in Suriname. Before the players went to work at Wormer’s Groen Geel Hall, part of the selection came with the national coach. A delicious meal was first prepared and eaten there.

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