Sven Kukelmann continues his radio show on WNL |  to watch

Sven Kukelmann continues his radio show on WNL | to watch

Sven Kukelmann almost certainly keeps his morning radio show on NPO Radio 1. The Interview Program 1 on 1, As it is now called at KRO-NCRV, it moves with Kockelmann to WNL. There it continues under the name Sven in 1.

This is evident from the emails sent to broadcasters. By the way, the decision was not officially endorsed by the nonprofit’s board of directors, and when asked, KRO-NCRV states that “the process is still in progress.” “So we can’t say anything about that.”

As is known, Kockelmann will switch from KRO-NCRV to WNL from December 1 to, among other things: in 1 To provide. He wanted to keep making radio and was now given the space with the same program, but in WNL. This broadcaster now gets a daily show on NPO Radio 1.

Kockelmann decided to leave KRO-NCRV after more than three decades. The presenter has been a regular face for years with shows like Morning (on the radio) eye in the eye employment KRO Contact Point. In WNL he will be going on the talk show starting January of the new year in 1 Present with Fidan Ekiz. Ekiz will work at WNL on a standalone basis.

Watch all the program’s videos and entertainment here:

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