Super Swifty Jonah owns concert tickets: “It’s literally fighting for a place in the arena”

Super Swifty Jonah owns concert tickets: “It’s literally fighting for a place in the arena”

It was a nail-biter for Jonah den Blijker today, but a super fan of American singer Taylor Swift managed to get tickets for next year’s concert series. “In America, ticket prices sometimes reached 2,000 euros per ticket.”

The question isn’t if Taylor Swift’s concert series at the Amsterdam Arena this morning will sell out, but how quickly. Joanna den Blijker calls herself a Swifty, and today, as a rabid Taylor Swift fan, had a day full of excitement. “Unfortunately, more and more Swifties have been added, so it’s a real fight for a place in the arena.”

Very first concert

When asked what is special about the American singer, Jonah replies: “I grew up with her. The first concert I went to was Taylor Swift in 2011. I was 13 years old. She writes about the themes you can. Recognize, those are things that play in my own life. This is for Jonah. Gives a feeling, she feels seen and heard.

Buying a ticket is easy, but Jonah says. “First you have to sign up for a kind of pre-qualification. Then you get a unique code that gives you access to a sequence of websites.” According to him, there are new strict rules regarding ticket sales of the American superstar. “Last year things got completely out of hand because of the high demand for tickets in America. So the prices sometimes reached 2000 euros per ticket.”

Not one, but two

Joanna had already bought tickets for a concert in Germany this morning. However, she wants to stay in Amsterdam next year. It worked! Jonah: “It was nerve wracking when Ticketmaster went down. We had 20,000 people waiting in front of us and after 45 minutes of waiting we tried to buy tickets and then the computer crashed.” A good friend, fellow Swifty, was also more fortunate: he managed to get two tickets. Unfortunately, it wasn’t seats and standing: “We took what we could get.” With tickets in your pocket, the anticipation really begins now. Jonah has another year to wait for Taylor Swift’s concert at the Amsterdam Arena.

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