“Steven Tyler Accused of Abusing Underage Girl at 25” |  show

“Steven Tyler Accused of Abusing Underage Girl at 25” | show

Steven Tyler has been charged with sexual assault, sexual assault and willfully causing emotional distress to a then-underage woman. Rolling Stone. Julia Holcomb, the woman who sued the Aerosmith singer, reportedly entered into a sexual relationship with Tyler shortly after her 16th birthday. The singer was 25 years old at that time.

Holcomb also claims that she was forced to have an abortion when she was 17 years old. The 74-year-old Tyler is not named in the ad, he was billed as “Doe”. However, in the past, Holcomb has spoken publicly several times about her alleged affair with the Aerosmith frontman.

The woman claims that she met Tyler at an Aerosmith concert in Portland, where she used to live. After the show, he was going to take her to his hotel room. Holcomb claims she told Tyler she was underage before he performed “various sexual acts” on her. After that, Tyler several times took the woman to other concerts of his band in the United States.

Tyler has not yet publicly responded to the accusations.

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