Salma Al-Omari wrestles with criticism and herself in a new documentary

Salma Al-Omari wrestles with criticism and herself in a new documentary

May 23, 2022 – 21:00 – Culture

Salma El Omari is the first major YouTube star with a Moroccan background in the Netherlands. She has more than half a million followers on Insta and 125,000 on YouTube and she is also in the music business. However, I still struggled with some comments. In the documentary My Life: No Nonsense, she fights this criticism but also struggles with herself.

27-year-old Salma Omari was first suspicious of participating in the documentary film directed by Wouter Vogel. He approached her a year ago, suspecting that there are other interesting aspects of her story that remain unrevealed. “Actually, the documentary about you is just for legends. I agreed because I saw it as an opportunity to show myself from a different side.” And it works out so well, in “My Life: No Nonsense,” we see a girl who is raising with her brother and sister a single Moroccan mother in the Rotterdam district of Crossvik, who was bullied throughout her childhood because she looks like a fucker Moroccan. She changed this by dressing and behaving the way her classmates expected her and took the same approach when she later consciously chose a career in social media, she wrote. ad

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Al-Omari found the documentary facing, and she even cried the first time she saw it. “I felt like a mirror I looked at, a mirror that made me realize I needed to start working on myself.” In some scenes she comes out so violent that she thought to herself: Selma, act normally. “I’ve noticed that I have a lot of anger inside of me. I know anger is my fuel, but the documentary made me realize that I can also handle that anger differently.” The young woman seems particularly sensitive to women of immigrant descent who are “picking each other up and down each other”. “That’s the only anger I have against people who don’t see that you should applaud people of your bloodline. Just do it because we all win in the end, if you win or if you win.”

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Al-Omari says that social media and music are a means, not an end. “It’s always been for me. I have a different end goal: to have children, who are well raised, have an adventurous spirit and just disappear. If I can make my mark and pass the baton to someone else. I hope I can inspire many when it comes to putting Always have your money where it belongs and speak up for what you stand for.” When talking about her relationship with her mother, one of her goals becomes clear, which is to do good for her mother. Salma Al-Omari said, “Do you know how often I think about it? Yesterday she told me she had an appointment at the hospital. Then I immediately think about when she was no longer there. I would find that really difficult.”

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