Sportsman Michel van den Heeuvel’s dream come true from Vigil

Sportsman Michel van den Heeuvel’s dream come true from Vigil

Photo: Marijstad municipality

Anyone who wants to play sports must also be able to play sports. People with a disability or disorder often face barriers when it comes to finding suitable sports. They regularly have a sports dream, but find it difficult to achieve it. To help them out, Marijstad’s unique sports municipality organized the Sportdromen competition last year. One of the sports dreams presented was that of Michel van den Hövel, 30, from Vigil. His dream was to run a football match on a big stadium. With the financial support of the BrabantSport Fonds, Michel van den Hövel’s sporting dream can come true.

From dream to reality

Together with Michelle, the operation began to make this dream come true. It was led by exercise/lifestyle coach Wesselinde van de Beeten from Meierijstad municipality from Unique Sports. In exploring this dream, we have cooperated with a large number of parties. For example, John van Geeven (KNVB referee at RKSVWEC from Eerde & Wijbosch) led Michel in his skills as a referee. Job van den Heuvel (owner of Funky Gym) trained Michel to learn to explore his limits, his potential and his personal development. Karen van Grunsven, Michels’ supervisor at his residence near Dichterbij Vigil, was also involved in his operation. Michel himself is a volunteer at the RKSV Prinses Irene football club in Nistelrode, where he is being trained to be a referee. This association also adopted and supported Michel’s dream. For several months he was trained in his skills and developments and on May 3 the time came. Michel was allowed to whistle on the big field at RKSV Princess Irene.

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Sfeir Michel is a nice game. It contained everything. From a yellow card to a penalty kick, the audience present cheered Michel. “She was stunningly beautiful. My dream of being a referee on the big court has come true!” Michel replied enthusiastically afterward.

Sports councilor Johan van Gerwen: “We want to make sport and exercise possible for everyone in Marijstad. It’s great that, together with Uniek Sporten and Brabantsport, we can offer this unique athlete an additional opportunity to fulfill his sporting dream. And that Michel can start with his dream Athlete!

Need help finding a sport?

Other people with a disability or disorder, who would like to exercise or play sports, but encounter barriers to doing so, can contact us about this. Marijstad municipality has its own exercise coaches, who support people with disabilities or disorders free of charge in finding a suitable sport or form of exercise. This exercise coach can also support you in arranging finances, sports aid or sports companion. More information about area modified sports offerings and exercise instructors can be found at

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