Sony wants to buy more game studios in the coming years |  right Now

Sony wants to buy more game studios in the coming years | right Now

The company’s gaming division chief said Thursday that Sony is targeting acquisitions of more game studios. The PlayStation maker also wants to increase investments in the so-called live service games, which have been receiving updates for years.

According to Jim Ryan, Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the company has not finished expanding PlayStation Studios just yet. In recent months, Sony has already expanded its gaming division after acquiring Bungie, among other things, the former Microsoft studio behind games like Hello And Saucepan

Sony also wants to invest more money in the games of the live service. These are games designed to keep people playing for as long as possible, like league of legends† Games often receive years of updates.

The company also expects net sales of $300 million (€281 million) for personal computers for the current fiscal year. That’s nearly four times what it was last year’s $80 million.

As for the hardware, Sony said the PlayStation 5 connectivity issues will be over by next year. The game console will then surpass the PlayStation 4 in terms of sales.

The production of the PlayStation 5, of which ten million sold in record time, is suffering from a shortage of parts and logistical problems. As a result, consoles are less available.

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