Jeroen was captured in one of Street View's saddest moments

Jeroen was captured in one of Street View’s saddest moments

Seeing the facade of the building, exploring an unfamiliar place: Everyone has used Street View at some point. To celebrate the anniversary, new photos of the circuit in Zandvoort will be posted online today. And new features, such as a time machine. “Altogether, we’ve taken 220 billion photos in those 15 years,” Google’s Rashid Feng says at Jan-Willem Start Op. Remarkably, the weather is always pleasant in pictures. “If it rains a little bit, we can’t use pictures. Raindrops make it very difficult to put together all the pictures we make.”

‘It’s a terrible story’

Many people have also been immortalized in those billions of photos over the years. One of these is Radio DJ Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte. “It’s a terrible story,” says Jeron. “It’s been almost six years since I thought about my first flirtation on the first day of vacation in Spain: ‘I’m breaking up.’ That was a really awful moment and a bad week. The two of us were in a house and I thought I should go out. I have to go in A walk to think things through. So with my soul under my arms, in sackcloth and ashes in Spain walking down the street there. I was thinking: ‘My life is over, what should I do now?’ And only after that the Street View vehicle comes in and the word “click” puts me in the picture. I thought ‘Arghhh’, if nothing worse, got this. ”

Watch the full story below:

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