Marieke Elsinga: "I was crying in the shower and wanted to go home" |  stars

Marieke Elsinga: “I was crying in the shower and wanted to go home” | stars

In the new Podpast A Qmusic DJ talks about the moment when she was completely out of the Marketing and Sales world. Marek, 34, initially wanted to study journalism, but because Hogeschool Utrecht had lost her registration papers, she decided – even after a lawsuit filed against the school – to transfer to the Marketing and Outreach program.

“I worked for a year in a company that makes travel programs, movies about Dubai or Johannesburg to tell tourists about the cool things they can do in such a city. I traveled to Dubai with a colleague and founder of that company. We didn’t know anyone there and it was up to us to investigate.” Nearly three tons of proceeds. I felt pressured and pressured into getting deals. All kinds of restaurants and theme parks that wanted to pay for participating in this movie. “

GTST moment

And although she came to beautiful places, this world became more and more against her every day. “I got more and more spots on my neck because of the sale, always moving away from home and work. I decided to keep doing it for a year. Then I felt like I was going to do it well, and then I would go back to the Netherlands again.”

But it did not go that far. “The Most exciting”GTSTThe moment ‘when I was doing a project in Antwerp on my own. I would go there four days a week and then come home again at the weekend. Once I was crying in the bathroom, literally. Then I thought: I will quit tomorrow. I had written that straight away in my diary, with a towel around me and my hair still wet. Very theatrical. “I really don’t want her anymore!” I also jotted it down, so I wouldn’t part it the next day. ”

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