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With Chromium Browser, websites can copy content automatically to clipboard on device without any kind of permission. This is because some prerequisites were disabled during an earlier Chromium release.

Chromium browser users like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave Browser Via website news platform See for yourself how this site can automatically paste text into the device clipboard without the user knowing or even taking any action.

According to This also applies in part to Firefox and Safari browsers. With these browsers, it will be necessary to perform an action, such as selecting and copying text, before the website can automatically paste the content to the clipboard. Tweakers tested the claims, but saw that no text was copied to the clipboard in Firefox and Safari after performing user actions such as copying text.

on me Chromium developer webpage Examines the problem in more detail. It states that the requirement to perform a user action in conjunction with the readText and writeText APIs in Chromium causes problems with the NewTabPageDoodleSharing function. Therefore, this condition is disabled.

Modernization2:00 p.m.: The original title has been changed. It used to be: “Chromium browsers allow sites to automatically copy content to clipboard”. The verb “copy” was used instead of “paste.”

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